Compilation: Grave Wave Vol. 2


Acid Gambit appears on Neo LA's new horror complication Grave Wave Vol. 2.
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New Album: Phenomenon


The new album Phenomenon will be relased on October 15, 2018, available for preorder now!
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See Acid Gambit Live at Echosynthetic Fest


Acid Gambit will be playing with many of your favorite synth acts at Echosynthetic Fest on November 10-11, 2018.
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See Acid Gambit Live at the Watch Out For Snakes album release party


Acid Gambit will be playing with Night Machine, Sudstep, Gregorio Franco, and of course Watch Out For Snakes at 529 in Atlanta on June 28, 2018.
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2017 saw the release of Acid Gambit's debut album Nemesis, an exploration of sci-fi comic book villiany and its eventual triumph over good. It combines heavy beats with an 80s synthesizer palette, painting with a broad brush spanning from modern Synthwave to 50s horror nostalgia.

Exploring themes of extra-terrestrial visitation and government conspiracy, Phenomenon will make you want to believe. Sci-fi synths and heavy beats bring you back to a time where tinfoil hats were funny and nobody was spying on us (as far as we knew).

  • Nemesis

    Acid Gambit
  • Phenomenon

    Acid Gambit



It's time for shadows to stretch across the land. It's time for villainous plans to bloom. It's time for Acid Gambit.

In the music of Acid Gambit you can feel the raw power that forces you to clench your fist in the thrill of a perfectly wicked plan. With one hand firmly gripping the past and the other reaching for the future, Acid Gambit crafts the heavy beats and driving bass that set the mood for the coming cataclysm.

Laboring in the synth craft for more than 25 years, Acid Gambit has forged a style that is ready for the future. The combination of aging hardware, old sequences on floppy disks, modern software synths, and digital audio has yielded a flood of twin rhythmic synth leads, arpeggiated bass lines, and hard-hitting EBM beats. What started out as a basement experiment has matured into its own distinct character through the encouragement of the synthwave community.

Acid Gambit is proud to have called Atlanta home from its experimental beginnings in the 1990s until today.

Live June 28, 2018

Live June 28, 2018

Photo by Greogorio Franco

Live June 28, 2018

Live June 28, 2018

Photo by Greogorio Franco

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Roland D-20

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